How to make your Instagram Account look professional

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If you want to grow your Instagram account and you tried several methods to grow but nothing helps then this course is just for you!


Instagram is a visual storytelling platform where you can post pics from your daily life.


But if you want a professional looking Instagram account you just need to follow some steps to make the most out of it. If your Instagram account do not look professional then you will not be booked from companies and you will not be invited to events and last but not least no one will follow you.

I want to show you how easy it can be to make your Instagram account look proffesional and how you can get attention.

Let`s take your Instagram to the next level!


Do not wait, your success is just a few steps away!

This course is now on SALE only for $ 5 until 31.01.2020

REGULAR PRICE of this COURSE is $ 59 but now only $5!



!!! What you get from your Instructor Lenka Dvorakova !!!


  1. Detailed tips and tricks from experienced Social Media expert Lenka Dvorakova how to make your Instagram account looking professional.

  2. A professional personal Instagram account review.

  3. We will work together on better results of your reach.

  4. If needed I review your posts before posting for a period of 1 months, 4 weeks.

  5. You will see better results immediately!


For more questions contact me directly here through the feedback section. I respond all inquiries immediately.


User Avatar Lenka Dvorakova

My name is Lenka and I come from Czech Republic. I live from my 10th birthday in Austria. I have visited the Federal College of Business Administration for 5 years and completed it with Higher School Certificate. Then I visited the Kolleg for Fashion and Apparel Technology in Vienna Herbsstraße and completed with Diploma. I also make an apprenticeship as an expert in Media, Market Communication and Advertising and received a certificate. Since 2008 I was selling young fashion, shoes and accesoires through my online store, amazon store, online auctions and my boutique. I closed my business in november 2015 and decided to do something new and so I started my fashion blog about fashion, photography and travel in February 2016. In July 2018 I relaunched my online business and own fashion online boutiques.

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