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White Lace Dress

Today i want to show you how elegant can be a see through dress made of lace. I choose high-necked dress for the Fete Blanche 2015 event which take place yearly in austria around the wonderful lake wörthersee.

My dress is embroidered with rhinestones on the collar and is completely elastic for perfect fit.


My only jewelry are my large bracelets and rhinestone earrings. Very important is that your bodywear is also white. My bra is decorated whith rhinestones for a little bit of glam and also my eyes are decorated whith rhinestones and silver glitter make-up.




Some pictures from the event:


Laser-show was made from the austrian company Laser-Effects which you can find also on Facebook: Laser-Effects on Facebook





  • Lace dress and rhinestone earrings from boutique Sequins-Fashion for Life, Vienna
  • Bracelets from Bijou Brigitte
  • Handbag is from Orsay
  • Wedges from Small Swan


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