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Hello Slovenia!

Die schönsten Wochenenden sind die, wenn man spontan etwas mit den Liebsten unternimmt. Zum Beispiel ein Road Trip ans Meer. Diesmal war unser Ziel Slowenien. Angekommen nach einer etwas längeren Fahrt habe ich die Aussicht auf die Bucht von Piran genossen.

Ich trug ein Stretch Kleid mit Zick Zack Muster und Carmen Ausschnitt zu rosa Wedge Sneakers.

Weekend Vibes

The best weekends are these, when you make a spontaneous road trip with your beloved ones. Our travel destination was Slovenia. After a long drive I was very happy to relax with this beautiful view at the beach and landscape of Piran.

I was wearing a colourful dress in carmen style and wedge sneakers.









  • Kleid von Queen of Catwalk
  • Jacke von Colloseum
  • Sneakers von Freeport Fashion Outlet
  • Tasche von Michael Korks
  • Sonnenbrille von Primark

My name is Lenka Dvorakova. I come from Czech Republic and live currently in Vienna where I learned about Media, Market Communication and Advertising. Since 2008 I was selling young fashion, shoes and accesoires through my online store, amazon store, online auctions and my boutique. I closed my business in november 2015 and decided to do something new and so I started my fashion blog about fashion, photography and travel in February 2016.

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