Perfekte Aussichten

Als mein Freund und ich wieder einmal auf der Suche nach neuen, nicht erkundeten Plätzen des Nationalparks Neusieder See Seewinkel waren, haben wir ganz zufällig diesen Platz mit einer atemberaubenden Aussicht auf die Lacken und Ausläufer des Sees gefunden. An diesem Tag war es etwas frischer als sonst, daher trug ich mein bequemen Feinstrick Pullover zu einem bequemen Stretch Mini Rock.

Perfect Views

On a very fresh and cloudy day my friend and I went for a walk though the National Park Neusiedler See Seewinkel with the intention to found new and not explored places like this. My outfit was casual with this sweather and cosy skirt.










  • Feinstrick Pullover von Mango
  • Rock von Pimkie

Welcome to my Blog about Fashion & Photography! My name is Lenka Dvorakova. I come from czech republic and live currently in Vienna where I learn about media, market communication and advertising. Since 2008 i was selling young fashion, shoes and accesoires through my online store, amazon store, online auctions and boutique. I closed my business in november 2015 and decided to do something new, but something i allready have done my whole carrer, fashion blogging and so I started my fashion blog in february 2016. I love to create and design clothes. I love photography and have also wild passion for dancing. I am a creative and positive person and always searching for new inspiration. I write my posts in english and german, so enjoy and follow my blog for inspirations, photography and more!

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