What is HOT!

Summer Feeling Pur

Das darf auf keinen Fall in deinem Urlaubskoffer fehlen!

Badeanzüge, Sommerkleider und Heels. Lass dich inspirieren und shoppe meine favourite Styles.

Beach Must Haves

This items should not be missed in your holiday wardrobe! Swimsuits, summer dresses and heels. Here are some inspirations for your summer holiday trip!


canvas                                         Bench

Badeanzug                                                                         Bench Badeanzug


bikini                                           guess
Bench Bikini                                                                            Guess Sandalette


16209435-MFn0Io9E                                            17025731-u2yYy52u

Bandeau Bikini                                                                           Bikini Oberteil

17108363-lNhfXT8T                                       17075932-Dg9h5izc

Jeans Kleid                                                                                   Spitzen Kleid


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  1. Lane Sha says:

    When it comes to Summer fashion, everyone loves to bring out the bright and bold colors. Yellow, Pink, Bright Blues, Stripes are all my favorite no matter the swimsuits or any other outfits.

    1. Yes, I also love colourful outfits especially in summer! 🙂

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