Trend SS2018: Embroidery, Stickerei – Wir dürfen blinken! Yay!

Dank Alexander McQueen dürfen wir uns in prachtvolle Gewänder aus Stickerei hüllen und das zu jeder Tageszeit. Die Kollektion der Pre Spring/Summer 2018 ist geprägt durch kräftige Farben kombiniert mit liebevoll dekorierte Perlenstickerei die an Ornamente aus 1001 Nacht erinnern. Ob Pullover, Röcke, Jacken oder Mäntel und Handtaschen, bei diesem Trend mache ich gerne mit! Who else?

Who is ready to sparkle into the Spring?

Thanks to Alexander McQueen that we all can sparkle, no matter if it`s day or night. The Pre Spring/Summer Collection shows high end embroidery on sweathers, skirts, dresses and jackets.

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Inspired by 1950s lingerie, a trompe l’oeil corset dress features petite rose silk brocade jacquards woven tonally in lust red and petal pink, pieced and panelled with tonal power mesh and linked with alternating bands of crinoline at the hem. The knit is fully fashioned – it has no seams. The seam lines that are visible are incorporated within the jacquard technique: they are faux seams designed to echo the lines of corsetry. A vertical knitted ribbon with machine feather-stitch embroidery in a contrast colour also features. This is made separately before being sewn onto the garment. It takes roughly one hour to knit two metres of embroidered ribbon. Made in soft, blush pink lambskin leather with silver-plated metal hardware, the jacket worn over it here is lined in silk twill. Both from the Alexander McQueen Pre Spring/Summer 2018 collection, photographed on location in London during the shooting of the look book. #McQueenPreSS18 #AlexanderMcQueen

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  1. Very stylish, I love them all. the embellishments are super gorgeous

    1. Thanks you! 🙂

  2. Samama Khan says:

    Love so so much this outfit!!
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    1. I am happy that you like it!!

  3. LOVE IT! That pink combination is so cute, the embroidery detail is so pretty.

    1. Yes, I love it too!! 🙂

  4. CultiVitae says:

    Whoa these embellishments are crazy gorgeous!

  5. lucicoo says:

    Those are really pretty sweaters. Seasonal fashion and high end fashion together. Love it.

  6. elishaff says:

    I love that colorful embroidery! Flowers are a good look for January, especially with looking forward to spring. I think it’s beautiful!

  7. melclayville says:

    Oh I love all the designs! I’ll admit, when I first saw them I thought they would fit my Grandma well, but as I scrolled through, they really grew on me! It’s people like you who are creative and bold, who make sure our fashion trends are always revolving. Keep it up!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much! I am happy that you like it!

  8. Lyf&Spice says:

    The embroidery is unbelievable. It looks so fresh and stylish at the same time. Reminds me of the top my Mom had embroidered for sis and me 2 years ago. I wear it only on special occasions. Cheers!!

  9. Intricate beadwork and ornate jewelry make one gorgeous combination! That black dress is stunning! 🙂

  10. Those are some bold outfits! I’m such a plain jane, but these are awesome. Very beautiful styles.

  11. jossy says:

    love, love love this, i just have a thing for embellishments and this one is just a great masterpiece. great choices, i am in love with all of them

    1. Hello! I am happy that you like it! 🙂

  12. This look is a mix between vintage and modern, I think I kind of like it. Not sure I could pull it off, but I think you could!

  13. Emily Fata says:

    Wow, I love all of the beautifully ornate styles you’ve posted photos of here!! I can’t wait to see all that you post in 2018! 🙂

    1. Hello! I am happy that you like it! Thank you so much! 🙂

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