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HOT: Desiger und Labels die Ihr kennen solltet!

Also es gibt wirklich Labels und Designer da denke ich das könnte glatt eine Idee von mir gewesen sein. Was man da momentan auf den Laufstegen der Welt zu sehen bekommt sprengt die Vorstellungskraft des machbaren. Ich neige manchmal dazu zu übertreiben, aber so sehe ich das. Ich bin so begeistert dass ich Euch diese Labels und Designer nicht vorenthalten möchte und deshalb teile ich hier heute meine absoluten Lieblings Teile und Entdeckungen der Saison!

Designer and Labels you should know!

I don`t longer want to hide my newest secrets about my favourite designers and labels. Some ideas you see here could be designed by me. What we now see on the catwalks of the world is more than just an idea brought to the live, it`s a dream! Yes, sometimes I am out of control and go overboard with something, but look at this creations! Here I my favourite styles and discoveries from the catwalks and web.


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Celia Kritharioti Couture

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18 thoughts on “HOT: Desiger und Labels die Ihr kennen solltet!

  1. We have similar styles. All those looks breath taking and beautiful. My favorite is the second images with floral and nude I would wear that any day.

  2. This is such a fabulous compilation and totally love your picks. The embroidery and the details are outstanding.

  3. These are some fabulous and unique designs. I really like that high boots it looks really cute and stylish. My cousin will really like that for her debut photo shoot.

  4. These designs are all so creative, I enjoyed seeing these. The Cyber Monday look is awesome. I like what Noelle said in your comments, I could imagine Lady Gaga in these ensambles too! These outfits are works of art!

  5. Those Celia Kritharioti thigh high boots are amazing!! – Fashion certainly has evolved, I really enjoy looking at all the new quirky collections people put together

  6. I had never heard of any of these designers. Their work looks fantastic! I love the use of embrodery and pearl!

  7. WOW I really really love the The Blonds NY, looks like something that would be perfect for a festival or burning man! Or even halloween, I can imagine a Lady Gaga costume with something from their collection.

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