#thebeststylishbloggers featuring Anne-Sofie Kaadtmann

About Anne-Sofie

Anne-Sofie is a 20 year old girl from Denmark who loves fashion and taking pictures in her free time. She studies German Studies (a kind of Germanistik) at 1st semester on the university.

She is very interested in sports too, her favourite football team is FC Bayern München. Anne-Sofie is all about kindness and she believes being kind to each other, is the most beautiful gift you can ever give.

Her life philosophy is: “You should never do anything for someone, if you only do it because you expect to get something back. You should do it because you want to help people and because you want to spread some light in their lives.”

We love Anne-Sofies Instagram account and her work and that is why we have collaborate with her! She is wearing our Letter Print Tee from our Ladys World of Fashion Collection and Round Circle Geometric Drop Earrings and she looks faboulous.








Shop her look:

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  1. This is a great look. I am in love with her magazine/newspaper style long sleeved top. Great choice. Thanks for sharing

    1. ladysworldoffashion says:

      Hello! Yes we love it too! You can find the top here: https://ladys-world-of-fashion.com/products/newspaper-print-stand-collar-tee 🙂

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